Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Popular "Lost Ark" Character Quotes: John Robert Chartwell

"The Lost Ark of the Incas" introduces several new and very interesting characters into the Martin Culver Series of action adventure novels.

One of the most popular new characters is turning out to be archaeologist and rogue adventurer John Robert Chartwell, whose irreverent and somewhat irritating conversational style is leaving a trail of popular quotes across the pages.

Here are a few of Chartwell's more popular quotes:

~"John Robert Chartwell, at your service. I dabble in archaeology."
~"I'm not interested in dealing with rank amateurs. Certainly been there before and done that. And I'm not interested in doing that again."

~"The Amazon is a tough place to be lost. Friend of yours?"

~"Even I know one has to have faith to believe."

~"So unless I am wrong, you have done your homework and I'm the best option."

See if you can find more Chartwell quotes in the pages of "The Lost Ark of the Incas", and post a comment with your favorite. (And watch for Chartwell to reappear in the newest novel in the series, "The Lost Calendar of the Maya" due to be published by the end of March, 2012)

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